Dial My Tech

Data Backup

As firms transition to the knowledge-based economy, data backup has become a critical function of every IT organization. Dial My Tech offers clients a suite of data backup solutions to meet a variety of needs and requirements.
Dial My Tech is a perfect complement to the online backup solution, which solves its biggest problem of slow restores. Online backup, with its anytime-anywhere access, serves best in helping your business recover from disasters, whereas the major advantage with local backup is that it enables you to restore all of your lost files in a snap.

Data Recovery

We can help you in backup and recovery the application data and even deleted files under certain scenarios. It always seems like your computer crashes right when you are nearing completion of a really big and important project. To a small business, this loss of data—whether it be business documents, contacts or sensitive information—can be catastrophic. For that reason, it is extremely important that every computer and device on your network have a solid data backup system in place. Let’s face it: in our modern world, more and more information is being stored on digital technology. This includes computers, external hard drives, devices such as CDs or flash drives, and even the cloud. While technology gives us the opportunity to store this information with ease and in large quantities.It also makes us vulnerable to system crashes and hacks. We also provide support to do online backup and recover issues to protect your data. We retrieve your data in its original format. we will provide you various other services based on your request. As the name clearly suggests, backup is of the utmost importance, in case your operating system or your hard drive crashes, consequently you will lose all your sensitive data that may include documents of high importance. Geek Assist brings you affordable backup service that can get you prepared for any PC disasters. Just give us a call, and we’ll make sure all your sensitive data is backed up.