Dial My Tech

PC Optimization

PC optimization is a service from Dial My Tech, that makes your PC much faster, more stable such that it uses the system’s resources optimally. In general terms, PC Optimization is a specialized PC tune-up. Most of our customers use our PC Optimization service once a month, that ensures its stability, speed and reliability. Moreover it saves a lot on your time and maintenance. The service includes a set of well defined process that include a complete system evaluation, scanning registry, removing unnecessary programs, detecting background programs and services, and customizing your computer’s settings that improve overall performance. Irate over extremely slow response of your system? If so, then you are just a call away to reap the benefits of online PC optimization support from Dial My Tech.

Desktop / Laptop Optimization

Nothing causes more frustration than a slow computer. Whether it's a new computer or one that you have been using for years they can be bogged down with unnecessary files and unwanted programs. Our technicians can clean up your desktop or laptop's system files, remove junk files and optimize the system's performance so it will run faster and work when you are counting on it.